We are recognized experts in the field of real estate law, Give us one of the most important decisions of your life and we sourons protect your investment when buying, selling or refinancing your home, condo, duplex and triplex.

We can also give legal certainty you need for donations and transfers of property and contract commercial rental.

In order to avoid all the complications of not having a notarial testament to the time of your death, if you love your loved ones have a will to provide a hassle-free transmission of your right and for those and the way you can choose. Did you know that you can name a guardian for your children if you leave and the other parent can not take care of them avoiding government control.


In Quebec, the laws allow notarized marriage.

For us to participate as officiating at your wedding ceremony and provide security to fulfill all formalities honored.


We provide availability of transportation.


In Quebec, the civil law does not provide protection to spouses, then during a break dire consequences can be avoided if you signed a joint life and you made your will notarized.


After death, a large waiting approach, give us the task to carry out the execution of the will with the transmission of property, inventory and sharing good and if no will was made to designate heirs and appoint the liquidator.


You can designate a person who takes care of you business in general or for a particular case as the sale of a home or signing a mortgage, a series of clauses to be included by the notaries and revocation information will be given by notaries.


If you have planned a trip with your child and the other parent will not go, we process with Canadian and even foreign authorities to provide proof of travel authorization for the child, and avoid serious complications.


It may be that for some reason or difficulties specific to our age prevents us make decisions in relation to our people and our property, then one will be disabled and we will help you in this moment of our lives. Your loved one will take care of you and your business without the intervention of the government agency.